Celebration pancake 11
Buttermilk pancake 4
With blueberries 5
With chocolate 5
Belgian waffle 8
With strawberries 10
With maple butterscotch 10
Steel cut oatmeal, rhubarb, milk & honey 11



Creamy asparagus soup, pickled ramp, poached eggs 12
Country pate, cherry mustard, preserved mushroom 13
Country salad, mushrooms, lardons, poached egg 15
Mixed greens salad 10
Frisee, chicken cracklin', blue cheese, grapes 13
Smoked salmon, brioche toast 18

Smoked salmon flammekueche 19
Spring vegetable succotash, egg over easy 14
Wood roasted salmon, spring vegetable succotash 19
Wood grilled shrimp, spring vegetable succotash 19
Smoked salmon eggs benedict 19

Bacon & onion flammekueche, sunny side up egg 15
Bacon & onion flammekueche with mushrooms, sunny side up egg 19
Croque madame 17
Eggs benedict, salad 16
Hangover special, sunny side up egg 18
Basque style pig hash, sunny side up egg 17
Wood grilled, dry aged bacon cheeseburger 18



Deviled pickled eggs 6
Fresh fruit salad 9
French fries 7
Spiced pork cracklin' 6
Wood grilled shishito peppers 8

Neuske's bacon 7
Pork & mushroom sausage 7
House made chicken sausage 7
Roasted potatoes 6
Amish egg any style 3
Brioche toast, apple-pear butter 5
Wheat toast, apple-pear butter 4



House-made bloody mary 10
There Goes the Afternoon: Grand Marnier, grapefruit, lemon, Cava, Bittermans Boston Bittahs 11
It's All in Your Head: Amrut Old Port Rum, Cherry Brandy, Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Vanilla, Allspice Dram 11
Robert Egger: Tequila Real, Aperol, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup 11
Mimosa: Cava, Orange 9

Orange or grapefruit juice 5
Cranberry, pineapple, apple or tomato juice 4
Drip Coffee, regular or decaf 4
Pot of Tea, house selection 7